Jacques Pauw’s Poisonend land set to shock again

Jacques Pauw’s Our Poisoned Land hits the shelves

Our Poisoned Land, the sequel to Jacques Pauw’s super-selling The President’s Keepers, was released to booksellers and media on Friday 11 November.

A publishing phenomenon and South Africa’s fastest-selling book ever, The President’s Keepers has sold over 210 000 copies since its publication in October 2017. This book became part of a social movement, and a shorthand for opposition to corruption and cronyism.

In Our Poisoned Land, Pauw, in his signature narrative style, picks up where he left off in The President’s Keepers to expose the shadows, deceit, and debauchery of Zuma’s cronies.

When he took office in 2018, President Cyril Ramaphosa appointed new heads for law-enforcement agencies and formed the Investigating Directorate within the National Prosecuting Authority to bring fraudsters and looters to book. Yet, five years on, crime has spiked, most of the looters still walk free and the law-enforcement agencies are in shambles.

What went wrong? Once again, Pauw delves deep to find answers. Among his shocking findings are top police officers who had a hand in state capture still ensconced in the Hawks and police Crime Intelligence; a cabal of state-capture prosecutors within the NPA; a police minister cavorting with a convicted drug smuggler; and South Africa’s “own Guptas” living in the lap of luxury after the case against them “disappeared”.

In Our Poisoned Land, Pauw ends the epilogue by saying “Ramaphosa lacked the courage and urgency in his first term as president. He now needs to change the course of this poisoned land. If he fails, we will again be at the mercy of the keepers.”

Our Poisoned Land is as riveting and explosive as its predecessor.

About the author
Veteran journalist, film-maker and author Jacques Pauw has won
awards locally and internationally, including CNN African Journalist of
the Year, Award for Outstanding International Investigative Reporting
and the Nat Nakasa award for bravery and integrity in journalism. He
is the author of i.a. The President’s Keepers.

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