Is your sovereignty and freedom under threat?

As a South African, you are being called upon to comment on the proposed amendments to the SA Health Act Regulations and make it known to the Government that you are not prepared to have your sovereignty and God-given inalienable rights and freedoms stripped away in the name of “health” regulations.



If South Africans agree, the proposed amendments in terms of Government Gazette No. 46243 of 5 May 2022, will give the SA “government” the following powers over the people:

  1. The Surveillance and Control of Notifiable Conditions (Government Notice No. 1882)

# To detain (in quarantine/isolation), people who are deemed to be positive cases, suspects or contacts and subject them to any medical examination and treatment that government wants to impose, which may include vaccination and

# To force all people entering or exiting South Africa during a public health emergency of international concern to be vaccinated or to present a negative PCR test result

  1. Public Health Measures at all points of entry into their Country (Government Notice No. 1883)

# To subject any person suspected of being sick with a communicable disease, (whilst departing from South Africa), to a forced medical examination and quarantine/isolation in a state-run quarantine, isolation facility against their will – with total control of how and when they will be released, or not.

  1. Management of Human Remains (Government Notice No. 1884)

# To prohibit the preparation and viewing of the body of a loved one and to prohibit night vigils and after-funeral gatherings.

  1. Regulations Relating to Environmental Health (Government Notice No. 1885)

# To declare any activity the “SA Government” deems, poses a danger to human health and to prohibit “overcrowding” that the “SA Government” deems, may cause an environmental nuisance or endanger human health, on any premises.

The commentary period ends on the 5th of August 2022.

You can support the important & worthy campaign by challenging the proposed SA National Health Act Amendments.

Let Your Voice be Heard – GO HERE to support this campaign!



3 Replies to “Is your sovereignty and freedom under threat?”

  1. We cannot allow the government to have a say and a mandate to control us and our bodies.
    This is part of the WHO’s strategy yo control human population worldwide.
    It is against our Constitution and against International Human Rights.
    No to changing our Constitution and no – i have a sovereign right over my body

  2. South Africa handled the pandemic and all variants better than most countries in the world. Out hospital beds are empty in the middle of winter

    We fought for freedom now you want to take it away.

    Most countries no longer have restrictions. It’s about time we went back to normal

  3. No to Constitutional Rights being overridden, no to arbitrary authoritarian controls over my freedom of movement.
    No to government control over my body and my medical health.

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