Web Advertising Prices on Stellenbosch Monitor:






Banner (top)

728 x 90

R2000 pm


Banner (front)

728 x 90

R1500 pm


Medium Rectangle

300 x 250

R1400 pm


Half Page

300 x 600

R1200 pm


Promo Mailer

Responsive Design

R800 once-off

Editorial Feature

800 words

4x images

R2500 once-off

Branding of Website

Banners on site

4x Editorials

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Terms & Conditions

  1. The above rates are net monthly rates.  No deductions may be made for agency commission.
  2. The booking dates for each month are usually around the middle of the previous month.
  3. Unless otherwise agreed when the booking is made an advertisement may be repeated the next month unless it has been cancelled by email by noon on the booking date for that issue.
  4. The complete advertisement must be emailed us in at least actual size and at 300dpi.
  5. We assume that your artwork is as you want it and do not send proofs unless specifically requested.  If a proof is sent it will be deemed approved if there has been no response from the advertiser within 24 hours.
  6. Additional charges may be made for preparation, placement, scanning, stripping etc or changes to advertisements.
  7. We may require payment in full of the cost of an advertisement + VAT before a booking is accepted or, if accepted, before publication and we reserve the right to cancel any booking if it is not so paid without liability.
  8. The person making a booking is liable for payment unless the full name and address of the party liable is then given in writing in which case that person is deemed to have warranted that he/she is duly authorized by that party.
  9. When accepted for publication, advertorials may be shown as such or distinguished from normal editorial.
  10. The right is reserved to withhold publication of any advertisement, and to cancel any bookings, which has been accepted.
  11. The Editor and staff are not liable in any way whatsoever to any advertiser or third party for any statement made in or any error in or omission of any advertisement or loose insert in whole or in part.
  12. By confirming a booking or making a payment an advertiser and the person who made the booking is deemed to have agreed and accepted these conditions.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs or to book your advert. We look forward to providing you with an affordable well-structured advertising solution.