Managing soil moisture the DFM way with cutting edge probes

DFM Technologies develop, manufacture and market specialised end-user applications for the agricultural market.

DFM’s products and services include the MB4000 Farm Management software package, the DFM Farmpro Personnel Payroll package, Irrigation Automation software and hardware, and the DFM Continuous Logging Soil Moisture Probe (CLP).

With more than 23 000 probes in the field, the CLP has become a market leader, delivering a quality product while reducing costs by saving water and energy and increasing yield.

The DFM CLP is a multi-level soil water content and temperature logging device. The probe takes hourly readings at six depths and stores data locally for up to 60 days. Data can be downloaded to a mobile logger or central computer.


DFM probe software interprets the readings offering depth, level and sum graphs. The level graph allows the user to view sensor levels independently or together. The irrigator can work out water penetratration depth and decide whether to adjust the irrigation time.

The sum graph helps to determine the length of the last irrigation cycle and the timing of the next one. The graph can also show field capacity and indicate when the soil gets too dry. Software simplifies irrigation scheduling.

The programme will estimate the next irrigation cycle depending on the crop’s water usage and the moisture available in the profile. The system records the quantity of water irrigated per season per block. Accurate, historical information enables the irrigator to make informed decisions and manage the root zone effectively.


Accurate and reliable, the DFM CLP is affordable, intelligent and easy to use in the field. The probe’s outer shell is made of UV stabilised PVC and the inner shell is a solid resin cast. The battery and radio/connector is in the probe’s head.

Continuous reading is more comprehensive and provides better information than that obtained from periodic measurements.

  • Prevents over- and under-watering.
  • Promotes root
  • Creates ideal air- water
  • Prevents unnecessary crop
  • Improves fertiliser
  • Optimises salinity
  • Saves on energy
  • Facilitates crop
  • Manages soil water
Irrigation made easy

DFM Technologies help numerous farmers in the Stellenbosch area optimise crop nutrition and soil moisture and make informed irrigation decisions that boost profits.

With continually rising input costs and growing pressure on profit margins, many farmers are seeking new technological advances to manage their resources. Nowhere is this more apparent than with water, especially with the increasing concern over the impact of climate change.
In particular, effective and efficient scheduling of irrigation has become paramount in achieving superior produce at lower cost.

Farming is not just a practical methodology; it is a science. And the industry has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years with significant technical advances. The problem, all too often, is that many of these are too expensive or impractical for the average farmer. And for many farmers reluctant to embrace drastic change, this adds yet another challenge to be overcome.


DFM provides the very latest tools to enable farmers to take these decisions, empowering them with the knowledge they need. The company also prides itself on its ability to refine and customise solutions. A crucial part of this process revolves around cost – DFM recognises that solutions cannot simply be effective – they must be cost-effective.

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