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Eikestad Mall stage successful emergency exercise

The centre management team of Eikestad Mall in conjunction with the local fire department, SAPS, emergency services, law enforcement, disaster management and Fidelity Security Services performed an emergency evacuation drill at the Mall this morning.

The centre is required according to health and safety regulation to test that the necessary emergency procedures are in place.

In an emergency evacuation the ability to respond quickly and to operate in a coordinated team effort is vital to the reduction or elimination of personal injury as well as overall safety of all who visit or work at the mall.

This is a measure to ensure the safety of customers, tenants, staff and the general public, and ensure that local emergency services are prepared for the unlikely event that such an emergency should occur.

Once the emergency evacuation alarms were triggered the centre was immediately evacuated  and all staff and public were escorted out of the building.

The simulated emergency incident was a fire in Beyers Steeg on the Ground Floor.

The general public, staff and tenants were evacuated to designated assembly points and marshals from centre management in conjunction with emergency services ensured that all staff and tenants were accounted for and the building made safe for all concerned.

Afterwards the centre managment thanked all parties, tenants, the general public and staff involved for their timely co-operation and organization of a successful evacuation drill.

The Eikestad Mall held a successful emergency evacuation drill this morning.
Some more scenes from the evacuation drill at the Eikestad Mall this morning. Photos; Eikestad Mall

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