The story of L J Venter – war correspondent extraordinaire

Takka Takka Bom Bom- A South African war correspondent’s story

Al Venter

Publisher: Tafelberg

Date Released: November 2022

About this book:

From a small town in Mpumalanga to dodging bullets in war-torn hellholes: Al J. Venter, the oldest war correspondent still active, bore witness to some of humanity’s biggest atrocities – and has lived to tell the tale.

In the 1960s, with little money, a sense of adventure and a healthy dollop of chutzpah, Venter set out overland from Cape Town to London. Since then, Venter has reported from 25 conflict zones. In his memoir, Venter masterfully recounts his experiences.

Al J. Venter has borne witness to humanity’s biggest atrocities of the past 55 years. In his memoir he masterfully tells the tales of the wars he covered and the stories behind the headlines and the trip across Africa that changed it all. From rebel groups who came for him, to seeing children die. . . to cheating death ‘at least 20 times’.

Al J. Venter has written over 60 books and is a legend in the world of conflict zones.

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