Klapmuts residents get own title deeds

Connect and collaborate, urges Mayor

At the launch of the Municipality’s 16 Days of Activism Campaign in Klapmuts on Thursday, 24 November, Mayor Gesie van Deventer encouraged women to connect, collaborate and contract in line with the national theme for this year’s campaign.

Van Deventer said: “For as long as people can get away with assaulting, raping and harming women and children, we will continue to have the same discussions year in and year out. No woman or child must ever feel unsafe. It is up to all of us to stand up to abuse and to speak out when we see it. We can never become silent or complacent. We must never accept the normalisation of rape, abuse and murder.”

The event coincided with a title deed handover ceremony. The three oldest beneficiaries were fittingly three women. These deeds will provide them with security, an asset to leave behind to their children and acts as passports to economic participation.

At the handing over ceremony of title deeds in Klapmuts were from left: Sarah Roos, Sarah May (Iin check overall) and Mathilda Korkee (yellow top) with Gesie van Deventer.




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