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I am Ella A remarkable story of survival, from Auschwitz to Africa

Joan Jowell

Joanne Jowell’s portrait of Ella Blumenthal leaves one inspired and resonates long after we have read the final words. – Richard Freedman

Ella Blumenthal’s story of surviving the Holocaust and building a new life in faraway South Africa is a lesson in resilience, attitude and – perhaps unexpectedly – joy. From the dying embers of the Warsaw Ghetto to the gas chambers of the Nazi concentration camps; from Poland to Paris, Palestine and eventually Cape Town; from stateless refugee to community pillar, Ella’s 100 years of life have been nothing short of herculean.

Under the shadows of shame and trauma with which so many survivors lived in the years immediately following the war, Ella made a happy home where few knew her suffering or shared her history. After decades, Ella is finally ready to tell her full story to bestselling author Joanne Jowell. I am Ella is the staggering tale of a real-life superheroine.

About the author

With an academic background in English and Psychology, Joanne Jowell began writing professionally at age 28. Her first book, Managing the Quarterlife Crisis: Facing life’s choices in your 20s and 30s, was published in 2003. She lives in Cape Town with her husband and three children. I am Ella is her seventh book.

A Stranger at Home

Nonio Jabavu

Noni Jabavu was a South African writer and journalist, one of the first African women to pursue a successful literary career and the first black South African woman to publish books on her life. Her memoirs Drawn in Colour and The Ochre People have been compared to Zora Neale Hurston’s Dust Tracks on a Road. Her grandfather, John Tengo Jabavu, was a pioneer journalist and started the first black newspaper in SA in 1884. Her father, DDT Jabavu, was a journalist, academic, activist and first black professor at Fort Hare. Noni left for England at the age of 13 for her schooling and spent her life travelling, writing and becoming a cosmopolitan, free-spirited woman. In 1977, she came back to South Africa and wrote a weekly column in the Daily Dispatch. Noni Jabavu: A Stranger at Home is a compilation of these cheeky, insightful and hilarious columns for a younger audience of empowered women. Noni Jabavu scholars Makhosazana Xaba and Athambile Masola provide illuminating commentary.

About the authors
Helen Nontando (Noni) Jabavu was a South African writer and journalist, one of the first African women to pursue a successful literary career and the first black South African woman to publish books of autobiography.
Makhosazana Xaba is an anthologist, essayist, short story writer and poet. She is a researcher at WiSER where she continues her longterm project, writing a biography of Helen Nontando Jabavu (Noni), the author of Drawn in Colour: African Contrasts (1960) and The Ochre People: Scenes from a South African Life (1963).
Athambile Masola is a Mandela-Rhodes Scholar, who graduated with a Masters in Education. She has taught English in Cape Town and Johannesburg high schools. She is currently working on a PhD on Noni Jabavu’s memoirs while working at the University of Pretoria’s Education Faculty.

Suid-Afrikaanse Lugbraaier Kookboek

Louisa Holst

Maklik, flatervry en Suid-Afrikaans … als uit jou lugbraaier. Welkom in die wonderwêreld van die lugbraaier! Die veelsydige lugbraaier – ’n klein konveksie-oond wat kos vinnig en doeltreffend gaarmaak – verdien sy eretitel as top-staatmaker in die moderne kombuis. Die verskeidenheid van japtrap-resepte in hierdie boek is ’n móét vir jou kook-repertoire. Die Suid-Afrikaanse lugbraaierkookboek fokus op ou bekende SuidAfrikaanse gunstelinge – van bobotie, appelkoos-snoek met soetpatats en boerewors met chakalaka tot paptert, melktert en malvapoeding.

Met die onontbeerlike versameling van smullekker resepte kan jy nou jou lugbraaier ten volle benut en jou lewe makliker maak, etenstye net ’n plesier en die kos op die tafel ’n ware weglêfees. Oor die skrywer Louisa Holst is al langer as 20 jaar bekend as voedselkonsultant, resepontwikkelaar en kosredakteur. Sy het ’n passie vir kos. Haar lewe is om te kook, nuwe geure en smake te ontdek en heerlike, maklike, gesinsvriendelike resepte te skep. Die boek is ook in Engels beskikbaar as The South African Air Fryer Cookbook.

The Scholarship Kids Dream big, Fly high

Robert Gentle

A rare true story of good fortune. When two starry-eyed twins growing up in apartheid South Africa see a Boeing 707 at Cape Town airport in the 1960s, it’s love at first sight. There’s just one problem: how on earth will they fulfil their crazy dream of working in aviation one day. Coloured boys are hardly allowed to dine in the same places as white people, let alone dream of flying aeroplanes. After a disastrous start to French at high school, they discover an unlikely aptitude for language. With a stroke of good fortune, a series of unexpected events unfold and their once ordinary lives are changed forever as they jet off to Paris.

A book that will make you laugh and cry and believe that dreams do indeed come true.

About the author

Robert Gentle spent his childhood years in Cape Town, his teens in Zambia and his early adult years in France.. He has a 30-year career in financial journalism, PR and corporate training, is fluent in French and is the author of two business books. These days he writes fulltime, and still hopes to sell a movie script to Hollywood one day.

How to Steal a Gold Minme – The Aurora Story

Dianne Hawker

“Hope is a commodity that is in short supply among the former Pamodzi mineworkers. This thought occurred to me as I interviewed Sankatane Nqakulana, a tall man with a wiry strength, originally from Lesotho, who had worked at Grootvlei since 1976, when the mine was once the jewel of the East Rand. It was not easy work, but miners like Nqakulana, or Mnyamane as he was nicknamed, knew no other kind of life and they kept returning year after year, on short-term contracts, which left them with little job security.”

In 2009, Aurora Empowerment Systems a black-owned, politically connected business, made a bid to rescue the liquidated Pamodzi Gold mines.
Khulubuse Zuma, Michael Hulley and Zondwa Mandela, were listed as directors of Aurora. The company looked too good to be true – promising to turn the mines into a new business. Soon after the acquisition, cracks appeared. Many workers and suppliers went unpaid and Aurora-managed mines were stripped of assets, as illicit payments were made.
Winning the Property Game
Koketso Sylvia Milosevic
Lessons From an Executive Property Mentor
Koketso Sylvia Milosevic runs a global business, travels the world managing her property empire, and hosts international TV shows about investing in property. How did an ordinary girl from the  township of Ga-Rankuwa achieve all this, amassing considerable wealth in the
In Winning the Property Game, Koketso reveals how she built her property portfolio, turning it into a multi-million-rand business.
Having trained more than 50 000 students, she now shares her secrets with the world: From how to optimise joint venture deals; orchestrate capital flips; elicit crowd-funding and utilise stokvels to
how to attract angel investors to grow the business. With black women driving the South African property market, this guide could not be more timely.
Koketso speaks with authority. Her hard-won insights are based on her own experience. Turning her golden rules into action, you too can watch the results unfold as you achieve financial freedom.
About the author
Koketso Sylvia Milosevic is CEO and founder of Riches and Beyond, founder of The Property
Game Tribe, co-founder of The Property Game Youth Programme and co-host of The Property
Game show. She is an international public speaker, residential property developer, hotelier,
executive mentor and entrepreneur. She lives in Johannesburg.
The Samsung Man’s Path to Success
Turning crisis into breakthrough
Sung Hyuck Yoon
As Samsung Africa’s former President and CEO, Sung Yoon was a first-hand witness to the company’s remarkable journey to becoming a global world-leading brand. Despite countless challenges, he turned Samsung’s Africa business into a success within four years. In a career spanning more than three decades, he contributed in numerous capacities, heading up sales not only in Africa but in three different overseas assignments.
In The Samsung’s Man’s Path to Success, Yoon offers keen insights that shed light on the challenges of making business decisions and taking calculated risks. He explores how to take a top
brand forward and into new territories – both in terms of product, sales and marketing and in terms of new markets – and how Samsung successfully fosters a healthy, robust and infinitely creative
About the author
Sung Yoon is the former CEO and President of Samsung Africa, with
executive experience across three continents. He has a proven track
record of turning around difficult business situations and significantly
growing both new and existing business categories. He lives in South
Korea but still travels to South Africa for business.

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