Exciting new menu at Quoin Rock

Let Gåte’s at Quuoin Rock wine estate autumn menu takes your senses to new dimensions

Gåte’s head chef, Jack Coetzee, continues his journey of farm to plate philosophy with his soon to be released autumn inspired menu. Using the finest locally sourced produce patrons can expect to be taken on a memorable culinary journey.

Not revealing too much as it is without a doubt a bucket list experience, Jack’s menu can be described as a sensory voyage. Each of the courses have been perfectly paired with wines from the Quoin Rock range, which is also where Gåte is situated. Bursting with flavours and seasonal colours each course is a work of art.

Some of the dishes include a visually striking and delicious Springbok Carpaccio, served with the Namysto Rosé 2020. Traditionally made from thinly sliced beef or fish, Jack’s interpretation of this classic is to use Springbok loin. The lean nature of this cut lends itself more to be enjoyed raw than cooked, thus making it ideal for this dish. The carpaccio is cured in coffee and cardamom, then ‘marbled’ with pumpkin powder.

The Tuna Cannelloni served with the Quoin Rock Chardonnay 2018 is a special dish, as the skin of the fish plays a lead role for this dish. The skin when cooked takes on the same texture as fresh pasta, thus giving Jack the idea of turning it into cannelloni. In this dish they use all of the tuna in many different ways. An ideology, which has been adopted from the Japanese, to make tuna taste more like tuna, thereby using more tuna on the dish.

Conclude your gastronomy experience with the rhubarb and mascarpone dessert, beautifully complemented by the Quoin Rock Vine Dried. A glühwein is made from the Quoin Rock red blend, which is then used to poach the rhubarb in before turning it into a mousse.

This is a sampling of what you can expect uncover when visiting Gåte at Quoin Rock Wine Estate in the Stellenbosch Winelands. The restaurant is open for lunch Wednesday to Sunday, and Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays for dinner. Guests can make reservations directly through the Quoin Rock website.

Gåte’s head chef, Jack Coetzee. in action.
Springbok carpaccio

Quoin Rock salad

Rhubarb and Mascarpone

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