Unique photos at PJ Olivier exhibition

PJ Olivier Art School host to Level.Up exhibition

Annette Havenga

On display at the PJ Olivier Art school is more than sixty works from photography clubs all over the Western Cape. These photographers have taken their art, pushed the boundaries and brought it to the next level.

The Level.Up program

Born out of a home photography art group called Artsy-Fartsy, the Level.Up program was developed and formalised into a 12-month creative platform. The vision for the management team, photographers Lynne Kruger-Haye and Stephan Burgstahler, was to reach a level where course candidates can put their best work on exhibition. The course was run via Zoom meetings and several fine art photographers and lecturers could present their knowledge to the candidates. Some forty photographers started the program, twenty-six completed and fourteen of these candidates have a selection of well scrutinized and fine-tuned photographs on display.

During the opening of the exhibition on Friday, 18 February, their journey was described as one of  “… blood, sweat and tears.” Delegates said that Lynne and Stephen pushed and motivated them to push through and adapt a ­“one day at a time” attitude to successfully complete the long journey.


World class images, from street photojournalism/street photography to portraits, beautiful landscape photography, monochrome portraits and digital paintings are on display. A range of mixed media, abstract art, as well as photographic digital art can also be admired. The course was a personal experience for each one of the photographers and one will find a message coming through these well-chosen images.

As Lynne rightfully said: “Where words fail, art tells the story.”

 Scholar’s benefit

Through their collaboration with PJ Olivier Art School, the Level.Up team was able make a sizeable donation of R6000 to support two art scholars for their 2022 school year tuition. The scholars will be chosen based on their personal situation, their work ethic, and their commitment to art. This annual coaching platform aims to continue their collaboration with the Art School and continue with sponsorships.

The Level.Up management team has expressed their gratitude towards the Art School for making their venue available.

 “We want to acknowledge the overwhelming support of Headmaster, Nelis Koegelenberg and his team at the PJ Olivier Art Centre, “says Kruger-Haye.

She welcomed their collaboration and support: “… in the building of photography as a recognized and respected form of art.”

 Exhibition times

Monday 21 February to Friday 4 March 2022

10:00 –  15:30 Monday to Friday

Andre de
Koker with some of his pieces.
Ockert Vermeulen thanking Stephen Burgstahler.
Ockert Vermeulen showing off his work.
Karen Donaldson with her entries.
Steve Trimby
Nelis Koegelenberg, Headmaster of PJ Olviet Art Centre receiving the spnsorship from Lynne Kruger-Haye.

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  1. I was captivated by the exhibition of Ockert Vermeulen. His body of works was created by a soul emotion of loosing a dear friend recently. She was an inspiration in the music environment he also shared with her for many years.

    How can ány artist continue without their tools or instruments; not able. So Ockert’s interpretation of music artists’ loss in the physical and emotional spheres, was genuinely heartfelt.

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