Local yoga centre celebrates 25 years!

Ananda Sanga Yoga & Meditation Centre and Training Academy in Somerset West, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this September 2021. It was started by Drs. Anne and Martin Combrinck in 1996, and is still flourishing to this day, even though things have been adapted to suit current events.

The doors of the newly built centre opened on the 1st September 1996, with booked out Hatha Yoga classes, Tai Chi, Qigong and Kriya Yoga Meditation. The group of dedicated well learned Yoga Therapy Teachers also offered specialised Yoga classes for Senior Citizens, pregnancy, and children. Soon after that it followed with mini courses on “How to Meditate” which were especially popular (and still are), and the longer 8 month course on the basics of Paramahansa Yogananda’s Kriya Yoga. Yogananda is the author of the well know book “Autobiography of a Yogi” and this meditation is very specific; coming down from generations of wise yogis.

In 2002 the first Basic (Level 1 -200hours) Yoga Teacher Training took place here and 12 competent Yoga Teachers graduated and continue to teach around South Africa and all around the world. This was followed by annual Yoga Teacher Trainings – which still take place – they are celebrating the 20th year of these Yoga Teacher trainings.

In 2004 the Advanced (+300 hours) Level 2 Yoga Therapy Training started, which precisely trained the Basic Yoga Teachers into helping private students with any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual challenges. Specialised Advanced Yoga Teacher training modules are also offered for working with groups of people with similar needs, for example senior citizens, pregnancy, etc. Ayurveda the sister science of healing for Yoga is also taught and one may train to become an Ayurvedic Consultant, with or without Yoga Teacher training.

Laughter Yoga Therapy (and Training) is offered. Dr Martin specialised in this and offers classes and training (in person and online). Laughter Therapy is a positive and cheerful way of dealing with all kinds of stress, and is popular for corporate businesses as a team building and employee uniting exercise.

The MYYO Technique, based on Yoga combined with other techniques, helps to release pain on all levels of being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is a lucrative add-on for Yoga Teachers, but can be taken by non-Yoga Teachers to set up a healing practice – with the addition of a few other modules like Anatomy. This popular course also runs once a year for small groups.

Over the years many specialised workshops based in Yoga and Yoga Therapy have been taught at Ananda Sanga. These are geared for the general population to enhance different health challenges. Popular ones are the Brain Enhancement series; Eye & Vision Improvement; Yoga Therapy classes for joint problems and pain; Stress Release and Rebalancing using physical movement, breathing and meditation; Breathing and Respiratory Improvement classes; Ayurvedic nutrition and cooking classes; amongst others.

Comments from Previous Students

  • …..I can still remember how grateful I was to discover you guys and Ananda Sanga…..here’s the ad which caught my attention…..must’ve been a month or so after your opening?? Many blessings and congratulations!  – DM, Pringle Bay
  • A wonderful achievement and life changing for many people! Congratulations!! – DB, Canada
  • Happy Birthday! This was where I did my first ever Yoga practice — LB, Cape Town
  • A beautiful place with beautiful teachers. May you continue to serve. – LM, Cape Town
  • Showerings of love on this milestone of serving and sharing our beloved practice. Beautiful Souls and wonderful teachers. Feeling blessed that such a big part of my journey started in that beautiful garden studio and sanctuary. I salute you for all you have done for the development of yoga in this country! You shine so bright in this community. Xxx – TS, Somerset West
  • Happy Birthday Ananda Sanga … I am forever grateful for your teachings and this beautiful and peaceful place… thank you – AL, Germany
  • Happy Birthday Ananda Sanga! It was a privilege to have shared your space with other yogis xxx – JF, Somerset West
  • Wow!!! A big congrats to my beloved Yoga school that changed the course of my life – CL, Sweden
  • So grateful for this beautiful space and your incredible teachings Thank you dearest teachers and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ANANDA SANGA changed my life  Namasté – KW-vdH, East London
  • Congrats and most of all THANK YOU! – CZ, Italy
  • Wow congrats Anne… such a beautyfull peaceful retreat – HHE, New Zealand
  • Such a huge accomplishment Anne. You are so good at everything you do and especially for helping to improve others lives. xx – CH, Australia
  • Incredible!! Congratulations. –LK, Stellenbosch
  • Oh how wonderful! Congratulations Anne and Martin! An incredible yoga school with the most skilled and experienced teachers. You both have been so kind and loving over the years and are always there to lend advice when needed.Thank you for ALL the years of hard work and the incredible amount of effort you put into each of your students.You both, and Ananda Sanga, have meant more to me that words can ever express.Much love (and light) – ST, Stellenbosch

Over the next few weeks there will be free talks, and mini-workshops for people to attend. Bookings will be compulsory to make sure we follow present day protocols. For more info get onto the email list: Email: anne@asanga.org.za or WhatsApp: 0780096096  or Martin: 0722297454

For more information on trainings, workshops and daily classes at Ananda Sanga please contact us as above or look at the website: www.asanga.org.za


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